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Subjectcan block drivers get non-fs requests?
Hi Jens,

There is one part of the block layer I'm having trouble completely
understanding (well there are loads really, but right now there's one in
particular :)):

Do block drivers need to watch out for requests that aren't "normal"
reads and writes? The MMC block driver has a funky prepare function
that checks for FS and PC requests and discards anything else. I
believe this is wrong in two regards:

a) PC requests seem to be prepared SCSI cmds, and the MMC driver just
expects normal transfer requests. Therefore, such requests should not
be accepted by this driver.

b) The block layer won't throw weird stuff at us unless explicitly told
so. I.e. a normal block queue will only produce normal FS requests.

Please educate the masses. :)

(I've cc:d Alex as he copied the MMC block driver for the MemoryStick
code, so he's probably also interested in this)


-- Pierre Ossman

Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
rdesktop, core developer

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