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SubjectRe: [git pull] ftrace for v2.6.27
On Wednesday 13 August 2008 18:15:14 Steven Rostedt wrote:
> Seems that the issue is with the "ftraced" daemon. The patch you
> reverted was just a fix in the ftrace startup test. If something fails
> in the start up test, that something is disabled. There was a bug in
> the start up test that caused the dynamic ftrace to fail, and thus
> disabling dynamic ftrace. The patch you reverted, was the fix to that
> bug, so you indirectly disabled dynamic ftrace with that revert.
> I've been developing a way to get rid of the "ftraced" daemon. Here's a
> big patch to do so against latest git (as of today). Can you go back to
> the original git, apply this patch and see if you can resume again.

I've been following that thread with great interest! Glad to see it's taking

The patch works beautifully. Thanks very much!


> After applying this patch you need to do a "chmod +x
> scripts/" before compiling.
> Thanks,
> -- Steve
> Note: my account is currently offline :-( so I'm sending
> this from my redhat account, where I use TB. I have yet to figure out
> how to send a patch inline correctly with TB, so I'm attaching it.
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