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SubjectRe: invalidate caches before going into suspend
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> also, we might be safer if the wbinvd(), the CLI and the halt was in a
> single assembly sequence:
> if (cpu >= i486)
> asm ("cli; wbinvd; cli; 1: hlt; jmp 1b")
> else
> asm ("cli; 1: hlt; jmp 1b")
> to make sure the compiler doesnt ever insert something into this
> codepath? [ And note the double cli which would be further
> robustification - in theory we could get a spurious interrupt straight
> after the wbinvd. ] Hm?

Spurious interrupt of what kind? The only things that could come in
would not be non-INT type interrupts, and those aren't affected by CLI.


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