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SubjectRe: Power management for SCSI
On Wed, 13 Aug 2008, Pavel Machek wrote:

> From: Alan Stern <>
> Add support for autosuspend/autoresume. Lowlevel driver can use it to
> spin the disk down and power down its SATA link, to turn off the USB
> interface, etc.
> Spinning down the disk is useful - saves ~0.5W here. Powering down
> SATA controller is even better -- should save ~1W.
> Now, I guess the patch will need to be split to small pieces for
> merge... I tried to rearrange it so that the documentation and hooks
> go before stuff that needs the hooks, and before Kconfig enabler. If
> it looks reasonably good, I'll split it into smaller pieces.

James had a number of objections to my original patch; you can read
them here:

I haven't had time yet to work on an improved version.

Alan Stern

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