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    SubjectRe: Resolved merge conflicts in next-creds
    Hi David, James,

    On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 10:16:02 +1000 Stephen Rothwell <> wrote:
    > I have a plan for getting rid of these - I will start on it today or
    > tomorrow.

    As a start, can you create a patch (or patches) that does just the
    include/linux/creds.h part of commits
    785af0f385cd424d4b40908bf0e467df3dc05434 ("CRED: Change current->fs[ug]id
    to current_fs[ug]id()") and f4d399d40debd14b22967153294b94087cbcf789
    ("CRED: Wrap most current->e?[ug]id and some task->e?[ug]id") and send
    that to Linus explaining to him the reason we want these in 2.6.27
    (Something like "The introduction of the credentials API in 2.6.28
    requires the abstracting of access to some fields in the task structure.
    This change introduces trivial noop version of the desired accessors so
    that other subsystems can start to be converted over."). This
    explanation should go in the commit message.

    After he has put those patch(es) in, you could break up the rest of those
    two commits by subsystem/arc/driver (or something) and ask the
    appropriate maintainers to apply them and send them to Linus (with a
    similar explanation) (or just ask them to ACK such patches so you can
    send them upstream).

    Hopefully this way ww will avoid a lot of the merge pain during the next
    merge window and the other subsystems can continue on in their

    How does that sound?
    Stephen Rothwell
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