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SubjectRe: cpufreq doesn't seem to work in Intel Q9300
On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 21:44 -0700, S K wrote:
> >> So I'm guessing this is a kernel bug.
> > >From the attached acpidump it seems that there is no definition of
> > _PCT,_PSS, _PPC. So acpi_cpufreq driver can't be used on your machine.
> > This is a BIOS issue.
> Yakui, Did you actually check if the above was true?
Yes. There is no definition of _PSS,_PCT,_PPC in DSDT table, which are
required by acpi_cpufreq driver.At the same time there is no extra SSDT

> >
> > But it is very strange that cpufreq scaling can work on Windows XP.
> > Will you please try the P4 clock cpufreq driver and see whether the
> > scaling can work ? In fact P4 clock cpufreq driver is already replaced
> > by acpi_cpufreq driver for the latest cpu.
> > Anyway please try p4 clock cpufreq driver.
> What is the name of the driver? I'm not able to find any such driver
> in Fedora 9 installed modules. There is only acpi-cpufreq and powernow-k8.
The driver is P4-clockmod, which is located in the directory of
> Also, If someone doesn't mind, can they tell me what all files I need to
> replace in Fedora 9 once I get a kernel compiled? I know
> how to edit grub.conf,
> and that I should replace vmlinuz, but do I need to replace initrd too?
Maybe you should enable "CONFIG_X86_P4_CLOCKMOD" in kernel configuration
and compile a new kernel.
> Thanks,
> SK

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