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    SubjectRe: Resolved merge conflicts in next-creds
    Hi James,

    On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 09:57:44 +1000 (EST) James Morris <> wrote:
    > I manually resolved the following conflicts in
    > git://
    > when merging with latest Linus. (This branch holds the creds API changes
    > from David Howells and is being pulled into linux-next).

    Thanks for that.

    > The CIFS conflicts were collisions with API changes. I'm not sure how
    > best to extract this information from git. 'git-rerere' doesn't seem to
    > do anythig, even with:
    > $ git-config --list
    > rerere.enabled=1

    "git rerere" works behind the scenes to fix up merge conflicts that you
    have fixed once before. All it does is record the diff of conflicted
    files after the merge fails and then the new versions of those files when
    you do the next commit. I know of no way to get any useful information
    out of it.

    The git show below should, however, be sufficient and looks just like
    what I did on Friday.

    I have a plan for getting rid of these - I will start on it today or

    Stephen Rothwell
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