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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00 of 55] xen64: implement 64-bit Xen support

* Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> wrote:

> Hi Ingo,
> Here's the set of patches to implement 64-bit Xen support.
> The first part of the series is some more (fairly minor) x86 arch
> updates which here missed in the previous series.

thanks Jeremy, applied.

Since they depend on the generic-ipi infrastructure changes, i've
created a separate, new tip/xen-64bit branch. The tip/x86/xen-64bit got
merged into tip/x86/core and thus is headed for upstream. I have added
your patches to the new topic branch - see the shortlog further below.

> Following that are the Xen-specific changes to implement 64-bit
> support. It works fairly well, but I know of a couple of bugs:
> - 32-bit emulation doesn't work properly yet. Something goes wrong
> with %gs, and a userspace %gs: reference segfaults.
> - It crashes when bringing up secondary CPUs under some combinations
> of config. I think it isn't quite setting up all the CPU sibling
> topology stuff for the various scheduler policies. It's trying to
> set up the most simple of arrangements (every CPU is a singleton
> with no shared cache or anything else). It was quite tricky to
> arrange this...
> I hope to have followup patches to address both of these in the next
> couple of days. I expect both fixes will be small.

that's OK, it should only affect 64-bit Xen, correct?

Right now we need to get the generic impact of these patches tested,
fixes to xen64 functionality can be done later on in an add-on manner.

Testing: i've done a trial merge of tip/xen-64bit to tip/master - not
pushed out yet. If it holds up in testing i'll put the integration rule
into tip/master.

tip/xen-64bit (which i've just pushed out) can be cleanly git-merged
into tip/master, so if you send updates then please send it against such
a merged tree - even if tip/master does not have tip/xen-64bit yet.
These patches will need at least half a day of testing before i can push
them out.


Eduardo Habkost (6):
x86/paravirt: call paravirt_pagetable_setup_{start, done}
pvops-64: call paravirt_post_allocator_init() on setup_arch()
xen64: xen_write_idt_entry() and cvt_gate_to_trap()
Xen64: HYPERVISOR_set_segment_base() implementation
xen64: implement xen_load_gs_index()
xen64: Clear %fs on xen_load_tls()

Isaku Yamahata (2):
xen-netfront: fix xennet_release_tx_bufs()
xen: add xen_arch_resume()/xen_timer_resume hook for ia64 support

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (47):
x86_64: there's no need to preallocate level1_fixmap_pgt
x86: clean up formatting of __switch_to
x86: use __page_aligned_data/bss
x86_64: adjust exception frame in ia32entry
x86_64: unstatic get_local_pda
xen: print backtrace on multicall failure
xen: define set_pte from the outset
xen64: define asm/xen/interface for 64-bit
xen: make ELF notes work for 32 and 64 bit
xen: fix 64-bit hypercall variants
xen64: fix calls into hypercall page
xen64: add extra pv_mmu_ops
xen64: random ifdefs to mask out 32-bit only code
xen64: get active_mm from the pda
xen: move smp setup into smp.c
x86_64: add workaround for no %gs-based percpu
xen64: smp.c compile hacking
xen64: add xen-head code to head_64.S
xen64: add asm-offsets
xen64: add 64-bit assembler
xen64: use set_fixmap for shared_info structure
xen: cpu_detect is 32-bit only
xen64: add hypervisor callbacks for events, etc
xen64: early mapping setup
xen64: 64-bit starts using set_pte from very early
xen64: map an initial chunk of physical memory
xen32: create initial mappings like 64-bit
xen: fix truncation of machine address
xen64: use arbitrary_virt_to_machine for xen_set_pmd
xen: set num_processors
xen64: defer setting pagetable alloc/release ops
xen: use set_pte_vaddr
xen64: deal with extra words Xen pushes onto exception frames
xen64: add pvop for swapgs
xen64: register callbacks in arch-independent way
xen64: add identity irq->vector map
xen: rework pgd_walk to deal with 32/64 bit
xen: make sure the kernel command line is right
suspend, xen: enable PM_SLEEP for CONFIG_XEN
xen64: implement failsafe callback
xen64: implement 64-bit update_descriptor
xen64: save lots of registers
xen64: allocate and manage user pagetables
xen64: set up syscall and sysenter entrypoints for 64-bit
xen64: set up userspace syscall patch
xen: implement Xen write_msr operation
xen: update Kconfig to allow 64-bit Xen

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