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SubjectRe: [bug?] tg3: Failed to load firmware "tigon/tg3_tso.bin"
On Jul  3, 2008, David Woodhouse <> wrote:

> Now, can someone _please_ give me a straight response to the allegation
> that the TSO firmware on the tg3 is _optional_ anyway, and that it can
> work without it?

FTR, I got two reports from BLAG users, through Jeff Moe, that
tg3 worked fine with linux-libre, in spite of the complete absence of
tg3 firmware in there.

I don't have any specific details about the tg3 hardware in question.

Alexandre Oliva
Free Software Evangelist oliva@{,}
FSFLA Board Member ¡Sé Libre! =>
Red Hat Compiler Engineer aoliva@{,}
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