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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/20] lib: generic show_mem()
    > > Umh.. I think your 4th patch set was the way to go. This set is not
    > > bisectable anymore and those architectures which you didn't convert
    > > to the generic implementation won't build anymore. show_mem is present
    > > twice there...
    > hannes@skyscraper:/tmp/test$ gcc -o prog prog.c lib1.a lib2.a && ./prog
    > lib1
    > hannes@skyscraper:/tmp/test$ gcc -o prog prog.c lib2.a lib1.a && ./prog
    > lib2
    > Both lib1 and lib2 define foo() which prog calls.
    > I tested this with x86 and it built before and after removal of the
    > x86-specific show_mem() (and it did the right thing as the arch code has
    > higher priority than lib code).
    > But why is it no more bisectable? You have one point where your kernel
    > uses the arch-specific show_mem() and in the next commit, you use the
    > generic version. If something breaks, you can compare the old arch
    > version with the generic version.

    My fault. It works.

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