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SubjectRe: *sigh* /proc/*/pagemap

On Fri, 4 Jul 2008, Andrew Morton wrote:
> int pagecount;
> int ret = -ESRCH;
> + static struct mm_walk pagemap_walk;
> + pagemap_walk.pmd_entry = pagemap_pte_range;
> + pagemap_walk.pte_hole = pagemap_pte_hole;
> + = mm;
> + pagemap_walk.private = ±
> +

No can do. You have one single pagemap_walk, but perhaps multiple users,
who all disagree about what it should contain.

Quite frankly, I think we should just remove the whole f*cking crap. I
think it's also potentially a security hole to give physical page
information and swap info - even if it's just your own pages.

Matt, can you explain what the point was of this whole thing? I'm really
_this_ close to just removing the POS right now. It's been a big source of
bugs, and it looks entirely pointless.


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