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    SubjectRe: 463 kernel developers missing!
    On 30-07-08 18:56, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > The fact is, people who are involved in Linux know it's public.
    > People make public bug-reports, and they _expect_ to get attributed.

    The problem here is just the _scale_ of publicness. Yes, Adrian's worry
    can be shrugged of I'd say but this thread is about Jon Smirl collecting
    addresses into a hugely public (because in tree) and hugely accessible
    format and while your statement above might be true for 95% of cases
    (99, I don't care) the use of people's personalia is just something you
    cannot decide on yourself ever. It's theirs.

    I'm in this thread because the from address on this message is in Jon's
    file and while I've used it myself in the past, any time it's been part
    of some Fooed-by tag recently it's because someone else put it there.
    While it's the best address I have for these uses (and so I still use
    it) it shouldn't work anymore even today, so I've been careful to put a
    future proof relay address in when I advertise a contact myself.

    As said before, I'm also not going to whine about it when others do put
    it in because they shouldn't need to concern themselves with my odd
    needs and wants and it's not a real problem anyway as long as the future
    proof one is much _more_ public. I am, therefore, just not glad that
    it's now being put into a file in the root of your highly publicized
    tree of files.

    Just a silly example, I know, but it doesn't really matter -- even if
    someone tells me he fears cosmic channeling will get the better of him
    if his personalia are in some resource I maintain, I jump to attention,
    salute, shout "SIR YES SIR!" and remove it. It's his.

    So now for example I'm debugging a problem with an ALSA driver with a
    few users at least one of which has used different email addresses
    during it and if I'm going to attribute any of their testing and effort,
    I'm going to have to ask for permission and which address was meant to
    be the public one. And sure, sure, I'd probably do that even today
    anyway but right now it's mostly a principled thing while with the
    addresses in the tree I'd sort of insist that anyone would, what with
    them being top google hits for ever more.

    So, if you were doing more than responding to Adrian's DCO worry here
    (which I do not share) the above is what I have against harvesting the
    addresses into a _way_ too public place/format. It's a matter of scale;
    as opposed to the SCM metadata, your tree itself is way too public to
    put anything in without very definite and explicit approval. I feel.


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