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SubjectRe: tools support for non-512 byte sector sizes
Matt Domsch <> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 02:48:31PM -0400, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
>> Just yesterday I received a couple of prototype drives in the mail.
>> I'll ask the vendor whether they support 4KB and if so I'll give them
>> a whirl.
> I have access to disks with native 4KB sectors now too. Would

Do they expose that sector size?
I.e., does ioctl(fd,BLKSSZGET,&ss) set ss to 4096?

I'm interested because I'm preparing GNU Parted's partition table
manipulation code (not its FS code) for just that.
In particular, now I've heard two stories:

- disk makers will eventually sell drives with >512-byte sectors

- some disk makers have sort of agreed not to do that, and
expect forever to hide the larger underlying sector size
behind a virtual 512 (of course, this imposes alignment
restrictions, but that's a smaller problem)

Even if the latter is the case, we still have to deal with
optical and flash, both of which can already have larger sectors.

> interested parties be willing to share test plans, so we could be sure
> we have coverage wrt correctness: kernel internals, userspace tools like parted,
> fdisk, kpartx, apps using O_DIRECT)? Benchmarking winds up being an
> NDA activity this early in the game so I don't want the focus of any
> joint work to be benchmarks yet.

Speaking of O_DIRECT, both dd and shred (both in coreutils), use
O_DIRECT, so you could get _some_ coverage just by running shred
and experimenting with dd's oflag=direct and iflag=direct options.

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