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SubjectRe: Handling of suspend/hibernation patches
On Thu, 3 Jul 2008 22:47:32 +0200
"Rafael J. Wysocki" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Recently, we've had some problems with the handling of suspend/hibernation
> patches, because they tend to touch multiple subsystems at a time. As a
> result, it usually is not clear which tree they should be included in and at
> the moment there are suspend/hibernation patches in the PCI, ACPI, x86
> trees, as well as in -mm. Of course the resulting dependencies between those
> trees are a pain to Stephen and their maintainers.
> After the last Kernel Summit we tried to create a branch in the ACPI tree for
> suspend/hibernation patches (thanks Len!) and that had worked quite well until
> we started to work on the core device power management. This coincided with
> the creation of linux-next and collecting suspend/hibernation patches in the
> ACPI tree became inconvenient.
> Now, we could go back to the old way of handling suspend/hibernation patches,
> which was to merge them through -mm, but the disadvantage of this would be that
> the patches wouldn't go through linux-next. However, I'd like
> suspend/hibernation patches to be included in linux-next, so that they can get
> as much testing as possible.

I need to get butt into gear and get most-of-mm into linux-next. I'll
be picking that up when 2.6.27-rc1 is done.

So we can just keep this tree in -mm (and hence linux-next) if you like.

> For this reason I'd like to create a quilt-based series of suspend/hibernation
> (PM sleep) patches, that Stephen will be able to pull from, with the following
> rules:
> * the patch series will be based on linux-next and will be rebased as often
> as necessary
> * the patch series will be periodically (most probably once a week) posted
> to linux-pm and linux-acpi; additionally the maintainers of the subsystems
> affected by the patches will be sent CCs of the messages with them, so that
> they can pick those patches up
> * patches taken into the other subsystem trees will be dropped from the
> patchset and the resulting dependencies will be reflected by the annotations
> in the 'series' file
> * the patches that are still in the series when the merge window opens, but
> are accepted by the appropriate maintainers, will be put into a git branch
> and pushed to Linus towards the end of the merge window.
> If you agree to this plan, I'd like to start by creating the patch series out
> of the suspend/hibernation patches that are in -mm at the moment and one
> additional patch that was accepted by Len, but not added to the ACPI tree
> because of some dependencies with the other subsystem trees.

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