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    SubjectRe: kill include symlinks for sh?
    Hi Paul

    > This didn't end up being _too_ painful, though it did take a bit of time
    > to hunt down all of the guilty parties. I've pushed out what I have now,
    > which you can see at:
    > It's been holding up to all of the random builds I've thrown at it so
    > far, so there shouldn't be any really nasty surprises left over.

    I took a quick look at it and the header re-org looks good.
    I like that you added the 'mach-' prefix to the directory names.

    But I also noticed several changes like this:
    -#include <asm/landisk/iodata_landisk.h>
    +#include <mach/iodata_landisk.h>

    In this case you _know_ that this is a landisk so
    the less magic option would have been the longer
    include form like this:
    +#include <mach-landisk/mach/iodata_landisk.h>

    It would be preferable that we use the gcc -I


    only to automagically select between identical named
    files for the different platforms and not like
    the above where we use it simply to cut off the include
    path a little.

    Another note is that you decided to move the generated
    file over to arch/sh/include too.
    I really do not know if I think this is the right approach.
    What I like is that we some day end up with generated files
    in a common place. But I have not really thought it through
    and thus I have no final idea how to do it.
    So in other words - keep it as is and lets re-visit it should
    we one day decide to do this in a common way across architectures.

    Thanks for looking into this so quickly!


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