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SubjectRe: [GIT] New Credentials API (preliminary patches for 2.6.27) [updated]
On Tue, 29 Jul 2008, James Morris wrote:

> On Sat, 26 Jul 2008, James Morris wrote:
> > A new credentials framework has been developed by David Howells. The code
> > has been through several iterations of posting and review, and is
> > considered by various folk to be ready to merge into linux-next.
> These patches have been updated by David to resolve conflicts in current
> git, re-tested, and may be pulled cleanly per below.


Would you be able to provide some guidance on a strategy for getting these
credentials changes merged? I gather they've missed the boat for 2.6.27
(although, they are now essentially reduced to API-level changes, and not
as scary as they look).

Stephen is not keen on taking them in linux-next, as there'll be constant
merge conflicts, and I'm not sure whether there'd be value in dropping
them in at the end each day.

There seems to be two options at this stage:

1. Drop them into the front of linux-next and ask developers to maintain
trees against that. Perhaps this is how API changes in general could

2. Maintain them separately until the very start of the next merge window
and get them in up front when it opens.


- James
James Morris

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