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SubjectRe: directory sort order no longer beginning with "." and ".."?

Ray Lee wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 7:53 AM, Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> wrote:
>>Oliver Soltys wrote:
>>>My question: is this a bug, or a feature? I could not find anything about
>>>Does anybody have an idea, how I can fix this? Unfortunately, our
>>>can not be changed.
>>No Unix-like system makes any guarantee about the order of '.' and '..' with
>>respect to other directory entries. They've often appeared first as an
>>implementation side-effect, but that's highly system and filesystem

Alas, this implementation side-effect dates back to v6[1], and is so
depended upon that even CD filesystems, which are by no means Unix-like,
contain dummy "." and ".." entries[2].

I'd recommend either reproducing it or starting a project
to hunt down and kill all the programs which assume it (;-))

[1. I helped on the DPS-6 upgrade from v6 to v7, and it was a (dis)feature then]
[2. Andy Tannenbaum "Modern Operating Systems", 2nd Edition]

> That's a good idea, though based on his description it's even easier.
> The LD_PRELOAD just needs to artificially introduce . and .., at the
> beginning and toss them out once it hits them in the list. No sorting
> required.
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