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SubjectRe: 463 kernel developers missing!
On 29-07-08 15:44, Jon Smirl wrote:

> Google got the list the second it was mailed on LKML. Why haven't you
> told Google to remove the 1,054 pages that contain your email?
> If you really want to spam kernel developers there is a much easier
> way, just send the message to LKML.

Right, so you say that google got it the first time you fucked it up.
How exactly do you consider that to be a reason for continuing to fuck
it up and putting it in few hundred nicely fully indexed linux kernel
trees out there on the web making the fuck up rank at number 1 in the

Now fortunately, from the discussion it seems that most sensible people
will be ignoring you anyway so I guess I can and should stop bothering
with this but please...

That which is not white is not black and my address being
public already anyway is NOT the same as it being veryveryvery public.


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