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    SubjectRe: PERF: performance tests with the split LRU VM in -mm
    >   TEST 1: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=1M
    > kernel speed swap used
    > 2.6.26 111MB/s 500kB
    > -mm 110MB/s 59MB (ouch, system noticably slower)
    > noforce 111MB/s 128kB
    > stream 108MB/s 0 (slight regression, not sure why yet)

    I tried to reproduce it, my ia64 result was

    kernel speed swap used
    2.6.26-rc8 49.8MB/s 1M
    2.6.26-rc8-mm1 47.6MB/s 168M
    -mm with above two patch 50.2MB/s 0

    So, I think it isn't regression.

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