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    SubjectRe: 463 kernel developers missing!
    On 7/28/08, Theodore Tso <> wrote:
    > On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:01:06PM -0400, Jon Smirl wrote:
    > > I should also point out that external information (Google) was needed
    > > to identify several hundred names, there was insufficient information
    > > in the log or kernel source. If we have to reconstruct this mapping
    > > ten years from now for some random lawsuit, the external information
    > > may not be there.
    > Jon,
    > The reality is ten years from now, many e-mail addresses won't
    > be accurate anyway. We will have to track people down by hand, if it
    > ever comes down to that. The signed-off-by needs to be enough so we
    > can track down someone (very likely only a few set of people); via a
    > manual method is quite acceptable. I don't think it is really
    > necessary to try force fit the signed-off-by just so we can collect
    > better mode.

    The kernel already has a mailmap file, but it is not complete. So I
    should just take this work that makes the mailmap file a lot better
    and throw it away? The policy is that the log file should be messed up
    enough so that a computer can't process it and that a human can
    recover it only with several day's effort? That's a really hard line
    to define and we'll probably lose the identity of a bunch of
    contributors. I'll follow up with a patch that deletes the current

    Jon Smirl

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