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    SubjectRe: post 2.6.26 requires pciehp_slot_with_bus
    On Monday, July 28, 2008 1:44 am Kenji Kaneshige wrote:
    > Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > > I think that's fine (automatically creating duplicate devices with names
    > > to differentiate them), but I think we should also try harder to avoid
    > > adding duplicates.
    > >
    > > In Pierre's case, and on my T61, there's only one actual hotplug slot
    > > available, but the firmware creates duplicate physical slot numbers and
    > > sets the HP_CAP bit on everything, both of which are obviously wrong
    > > (well I suppose you could pop these chips off the board, but it's not
    > > very practical). However, afaict that "other" OS uses the _RMV method to
    > > determine whether a given slot is actually hot pluggable. On my T61 at
    > > least, this seems to be accurate: only one of my EXP* objects has a _RMV
    > > method.
    > >
    > > So maybe the PCIe hotplug driver should be checking for that method when
    > > ACPI is available? We already try to use _OSC etc., so checking for _RMV
    > > first would make sense...
    > As you pointed out, the root cause might not a problem of slot naming,
    > but a problem of slots detection, because pciehp driver detects multiple
    > PCIe hotplug slots even thought your and Pierre's system seems to have
    > only one hotplug slot. So I think we should also consider the problem
    > from this view point (slot detection).
    > But, I think simply checking for _RMV method first is dangerous because
    > I think there are many systems that doesn't implement _RMV for PCIe
    > hotplug slots (at least, my system doesn't implement that. Anyway,
    > I would like to look at the documents/specifications that mention _RMV
    > method for determining whether a given slot is hot pluggable. Do you
    > have any information about that? I think PCI Local Bus, PCI Express and
    > PCI Firmware specification don't mention that. I think hot pluggable slots
    > on your, Pierre's and Matthew's system are ExpressCard slots. So I guess
    > ExpressCard specification might define something about this. But
    > unfortunately, I don't have ExpressCard specification. Can anyone access
    > ExpressCard spec?

    Your systems don't have _RMV methods for the hotpluggable PCIe slots in the
    DSDT? That's a shame; the Windows docs I found on PCIe hotplug seemed to
    indicate that _RMV and _OSC (under Vista) were used to detect whether a given
    slot was hot pluggable (I just googled for "windows pcie hotplug" or
    something) so I was hoping that would be a reliable method... Any other
    ideas? I'll go see if I can dig up some ExpressCard info.


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