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SubjectRe: What to do with `kswapd0: page allocation failure. ` ?
Robert Hancock wrote:
>> I can reproduce this by wget'ing a 5.xGB file from my MythTV box.
>> The receiving end is a Fedora 9, AMD x86_64 box with an Abit m56s-s3
>> board using nVidia Corporation MCP65 Ethernet (rev a3).
>> It uses the forcedeth: Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver.
>> Version 0.61.
>> Should I forward this info to someone so this could be fixed?
>> Someone doing the kernel memory management?
>> Or forcedeth?
>> Or?
>> Please let me know.
> The fact you're using jumbo frames makes this more noticeable, since it
> needs a 9000 byte chunk of memory to receive the packet, which means
> that it needs to allocate a 16KB chunk of memory. This means that even
> if memory is not full, it can be that no sufficiently large chunk of
> memory is available.
> Quite likely something could be done to improve this, yes..

What can/should I do?
I am not a programmer but can build kernels, apply patches, do testing, etc.

Kind regards,

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