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SubjectRe: ACPI OSI disaster on latest HP laptops - critical temperature shutdown
Len Brown schreef:
> Thomas,
> re: OSI(Windows...)
> Linux will continue to claim OSI compatibility with Windows
> until the day when the majority of Linux systems
> have passed a Linux compatibility test rather than
> a Windows compatibility test.
> Re: OSI(Linux)
> I've looked at O(100) DSDT's that look at OSI(Linux),
> and all but serveral systems from two vendors do it by mistake.
> They simply copied it from the bugged Intel reference code.
> OSI(Linux) will _never_ be restored to Linux, ever.
Just out of curiosity, let's imagine that today HP decides to fix its
BIOS. What would be the way to do it? Of course, without putting
additional problems when Windows is booted.

What they would want is to provide workarounds for each given version of
Windows and provide a completely ACPI-compliant version when Linux is
running. I fail to see how it is possible possible to do that today.
Well... they could detect Linux by checking that several OSI's for
Windows pass, but that would be really a nasty kludge.

So, am I understanding correctly that we are in a desperate need for a
good OSI solution? Until then, we can only bash and complain at the BIOS
developers, but they have no way to fix the problems.


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