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SubjectRe: TUN/TAP hacking
Ignacy Gawedzki wrote:
> I need some advice from network stack experts, so I hope this is the right
> place to ask.

The Linux kernel networking folks hang out at netdev
( I've CC'd them...

> I thought I'd be able to use the TAP interfaces to create some sort of a
> network emulator. For a start I just "bridged" two tap interfaces, much in
> the same way as the example of br_select.c from , assigned
> both interfaces different IPv4 addresses (both with a /32 prefix), set them up
> and tried to transmit a UDP packet from one address to the other through the
> bridge. Both logs from my bridge program and tcpdump tell me that the packets
> are flowing as expected, but somehow the destination process doesn't get the
> packets (despite all correct bind, etc).
> Is it simply that the stack inconditionally drops any packet with the same
> source (IP and/or MAC) address as some local interface?
> As ARP resolution seems not to work either (I had to put permanent entries in
> the neighbor table), I suppose this is the case indeed.
> Could anyone confirm that? (please CC me, I've not subscribed)
> Thanks,
> Ignacy

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| Dan Noé
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