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Subjectb43 locks the machine when resuming after suspend to disk
I tried searching on the list for this, before posting, but searching the
mailing list archives with keywords such as b43, suspend, resume... brings
up such a ludicrous amount of threads that it's not realistic to check them
all, so just tell me what to look for if it's been asked already.

Whenever I do a suspend to disk after using b43, the computer freezes hard
as soon as it attempts again to access b43 after resume.

Minimal how to reproduce the freeze:
1) modprobe b43
2) hibernate (using any suspend to disk, which one is irrelevant)
3) resume
4) ifconfig wlan0 up

This has been happening (at least) since b43 was included in the mainline
kernel, on my Asus A6K laptop running an x86_64 kernel (now the latest
2.6.25 stable release or compiled from the latest released debian sid
sources). The nvidia module is not responsible: I explicitely booted my
laptop in single user mode without any unnecessary modules, same result. It
does not happen using the windows driver with ndiswrapper (which I would
prefer to avoid for other reasons), so it definitely depends on b43 or
something it depends on. Unloading and reloading the b43 module and all the
other modules it depends on does not change anything. Just loading the
module once, hibernating and resuming means freeze-up as soon as the module
is actually initialised next time, regardless of it having been unloaded and
reloaded any number of times before or after the suspend-resume cycle. No
oopses, nothing on system logs, just instant freeze-up. Is there some
testing a user can do to help nailing this? I am not a kernel developer,
even if I am a decent C programmer.

Please CC me on replies, I am not on the list.

Thanks in advance,
Giacomo Mulas


Giacomo Mulas <>

Str. 54, Loc. Poggio dei Pini * 09012 Capoterra (CA)

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Tel. (UNICA): +39 070 675 4916

"When the storms are raging around you, stay right where you are"
(Freddy Mercury)

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