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    SubjectRe: [ivtv-devel] [PATCH AVAIL.]ivtv:Crash 2.6.26 with KUROTOSIKOU CX23416-STVLP
    On Thursday 17 July 2008 17:20:14 Kyuma Ohta wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I'm testing 2.6.26/amd64 with Athlon64 x2 Box with
    > KUROTOSIKOU CX23416-STVLP,always crash ivtv driver
    > when loading upd64083 driver.
    > I checked crash dump,this issue cause of loading
    > upd64083.ko with i2c_probed_new_device().
    > So,I fixed ivtv-i2c.c of 2.6.26 vanilla,and
    > fixed *pretty* differnce memory allocation,structure
    > of upd64083.c.
    > I'm running patched 2.6.26 vanilla with below attached
    > patches over 24hrs,and over 10hrs recording from ivtv,
    > not happend anything;-)
    > Please apply below to 2.6.26.x..
    > Best regards,
    > Ohta.

    Hi Ohta,

    Thanks for the patches. If I'm not mistaken there are several variants
    of this card: without upd* devices, only with upd64083 and with both
    upd devices. Which one do you have?

    Can you also show the dmesg output when ivtv loads?

    Looking at the four patches, I would say that the only relevant patch is
    the fix-probing patch. If you try it with only that one applied, does
    it still work correct for you? Note that this patch will not work with
    a KUROTOSIKOU card that has no upd* devices at all.

    Can you also give me the kernel backtrace when you load ivtv with the
    vanilla 2.6.26? I do not quite understand why it should crash.



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