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SubjectRe: Kernel version : what about scheme ?

On Thursday 2008-07-17 10:51, el es wrote:

>inspired by the bikeshed painting contest, I got the following idea :
>The scheme to be, that is :
>s - series, as it is now (freedom to Linus to bump it to 3 when BKL is removed
>for example ;) )
>yy - two (in a hundred years, three) digits of the year
>Now the interesting part begins which is
>ww - the number of the week of the release. This will be between 1 and 52 (53)
>tt - the number of the week of stable release. As above.

Interesting idea.

>Take a hypotetical new-scheme 2.8.30 release (roughly the current
>2.6.26, didn't count these weeks). Linus starts to accumulate
>patches for 2.8.30-rcX as usual, and when he is ready to release,
>puts the release week number instead of 30 - let's assume it is a
>2.8.40 then, more or less. By the time, the stable team produces
>2.8.30.[32,34,36,38,40 and so on]. If the weeks leap into the next
>year, stable team puts e.g. (yy.ww).

-stable usually overlaps with master. But I don't like version
numbers long as binutils and "" have.

(BTW, IMHO it needs more than just a BKL removal to warrant a jump to 3.x)

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