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    Subject2nd REVISED AGENDA -- Re: Linux Wireless Mini-Summit -- Ottawa -- July 22, 2008
    I adjusted the times based on the schedule for lunch and coffee breaks
    from the OLS crew. I also adjusted the length of some slots, and
    move the BoF/Break-Out/BarCamp section before adjourning for dinner.

    I'm still looking for more/different topics and for people to
    explicitly claim the ones on the list...speak up!



    3rd Linux Wireless Summit
    Les Suites Hotel, Byward Suite
    Ottawa, Canada
    22 July 2008

    Proposed Agenda

    0830 Meet & Greet

    Introductions and opening remarks

    0900 Status Reports

    Overview of where things stand today

    - QoS/Multiqueue

    - 802.11n

    - spectrum management

    - Mesh mode (802.11s)

    - RF kill

    - driver status reports

    1000 Break

    1030 Current Work

    Short presentations/discussions about work in progress

    - access point mode

    - cfg80211/nl80211
    - time to push to replace WEXT?
    - tool enhancements and/or userland support?

    - regulatory enforcement (802.11d, CRDA)

    - encrypted management frames (802.11w)

    - virtual hardware (mac80211_hwsim)

    - WiMAX

    1200 Vendor/Distro Round Table

    Representatives from hardware vendors and Linux distributions
    discuss issues around cooperation between themselves and the
    development community, what we are doing well, and what problems we
    are causing for each other.

    1230 Lunch/Break (provided by HP)

    1330 Future work

    Short presentations/discussions about work that has previously
    been suggested or requested

    - power management
    - suspend/resume
    - power savings

    - lib80211 (code sharing w/ full MAC drivers)

    - rate scaling algorithms
    - minstrel
    - others?

    - userland MLME

    - userland driver implementation

    - organized testing (anyone have a proposal?)

    1500 BoF/Break-out/BarCamp Session Proposals

    1530 Break

    1600 BoF/Break-out/BarCamp Sessions

    Impromptu and/or unscheduled discussions as desired by group

    1730 BoF/Break-out/BarCamp Session Reports

    1800 Maintainence Issues

    Round table discussion of issues related to maintenance of
    the wireless trees

    - trivial/cleanup patches
    - testing or other requirements?
    - should they have lower priority?
    - should they require ACKs from primary author?

    - submissions to -stable
    - who should drive it?
    - what policies?

    - rate scaling algs
    - driver-specific ok? what limitations?
    - build policies (part of mac80211.ko?)

    - questions/suggestions/complaints

    1830 Adjourn

    John W. Linville

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