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SubjectRe: [GIT *] Allow request_firmware() to be satisfied from in-kernel, use it in more drivers.

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008, wrote:
> David W has made it very clear that the eventual intent of this patch series
> is to remove all firmware from the kernel tree and have it shipped as a
> seperate package.

I don't think that kind of black-and-white model is necessarily
attainable. Nor do I think it's even _good_.

It's probably the right thign for _some_ firmware, assuming we have models
that just make it easy enough - for drivers where it's generally better
for distros to get the firmware from vendors rather than the kernel.

But there is certainly nothing inherently good in forcing a split.

I think both sides here need to calm down and stop being so extreme.

I do want request_firmware() to be the way to load firmware (and possibly
other configuration data too, for that matter - I don't think it's
necessarily wrong for people to "misuse" it for other long-term data
despite the name), and I do want people to be able to update firmware
easily without having to force a kernel bump, but I also don't think it
means that firmware has to go away from the kernel sources.

So I think the _infrastructure_ is important. But the extreme "you have to
split it off entirely" mindset is equally as stupid as the "you must
compile it into the module" mindset.


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