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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86_64: ia32_signal.c: use macro instead of immediate
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Hiroshi Shimamoto wrote:
    >> From: Hiroshi Shimamoto <>
    >> Make and use macro FIX_EFLAGS, instead of immediate value 0x40DD5 in
    >> ia32_restore_sigcontext().
    >> +
    >> +#ifdef CONFIG_X86_32
    >> +# define FIX_EFLAGS (__FIX_EFLAGS | X86_EFLAGS_RF)
    >> +#else
    >> +# define FIX_EFLAGS __FIX_EFLAGS
    >> +#endif
    >> +
    > Where did this come from? First of all, this is in a 64-bit-only file,
    > so CONFIG_X86_32 will never be set; second of all, it seems a bit fishy
    > that these should be different.

    It came from arch/x86/kernel/signal_64.c. (And signal_32.c has the same one.)
    And yes, CONFIG_X86_32 is not set, I compiled and compare the results,
    the macro was replaced by 0x40dd5, no RF.
    I guess, someone made it same on signal_32.c and signal_64.c.

    Hiroshi Shimamoto

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