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SubjectRe: Page swap allocation failure 2.6.25
Alex Samad <> :
> For a while now I have been receiving page swap allocation failures
> Similar to and

Order 0 failure. Your is an order 2 one.


Order 3 failure which was fixed with the e1000e driver.

> and I have filed a bug with debian (Bug#486300)
> It seems like any time I put the system under load, transferring large
> files across the network (1G nic, a r8186 and forcedeth and a
> broadcom). I keep getting these errors

May I assume that you are working with a MTU greater than 1500 bytes on
each interface ? If so plese add to the Cc: and
remove linux-kernel@ from the Cc:.

> Jul 13 13:28:30 nas kernel: [ 648.120756] [<ffffffff881b525f>]
> :r8168:rtl8168_rx_fill+0x64/0x106

It looks more like Realtek's out-of-tree driver than like the in-kernel
one. Is it a customised kernel ?

> Help

Don't panic.


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