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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] dirty balancing for cgroups
    > > >  - This looks simple but, could you merge this into memory resource controller ?
    > >
    > > why?
    > >
    > 3 points.
    > 1. Is this useful if used alone ?

    it can be. why not?

    > 2. memcg requires this kind of feature, basically.
    > 3. I wonder I need more work to make this work well under memcg.

    i'm not sure if i understand these points. can you explain a bit?

    my patch penalizes heavy-writer cgroups as task_dirty_limit does
    for heavy-writer tasks. i don't think that it's necessary to be
    tied to the memory subsystem because i merely want to group writers.

    otoh, if you want to limit the number (or percentage or whatever) of
    dirty pages in a memory cgroup, it can't be done independently from
    the memory subsystem, of course. it's another story, tho.

    YAMAMOTO Takashi

    > If chasing page->cgroup and memcg make this patch much more complex,
    > I think this style of implimentation is a choice.
    > About 3.
    > Does this works well if I changes get_dirty_limit()'s
    > determine_dirtyable_memory() calculation under memcg ?
    > But to do this seems not valid if dirty_ratio cgroup and memcg cgroup
    > containes different set of tasks.
    > Thanks,
    > -Kame

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