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    SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm 0/3] sysv ipc: increase msgmnb with the number of cpus
    On Tue, 24 Jun 2008 11:34:52 +0200
    <> wrote:

    > The size in bytes of a SysV IPC message queue, msgmnb, is too small
    > for large machines, but we don't want to bloat small machines.
    > This series change ("scale") the default value of
    > /proc/sys/kernel/msgmnb.

    I'm afraid I've lost track of what's happening here. Did we come up
    with an alternative to "magical positive-versus-negative number trick"?

    Your patch #1 adds and uses recompute_msgmnb() without adding the
    declaration to a header file. Your patch #2 does add the
    recompute_msgmnb() to a header file, so we have a window in which the
    build is broken, which is bad.

    recompute_msgmnb() isn't a terribly good globally-visible identifier,
    btw. It is nice to add some subsystem identifer as a prefix. There's
    little chance of this symbol colliding with anything else, so this is a
    minor cosmetic thing in this case.

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