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    SubjectRe: AT32 ASoC Driver Patches on alsa-devel
    Geoffrey Wossum <> wrote:
    > For anyone that's interested, there's patches to add ALSA System-on-Chip sound
    > platform drivers for the AVR32 being discussed on the alsa-devel mailing list
    > right now.

    Hmm. For something that depends on a metric shitload of middle layers,
    it is surprisingly large...

    I have to admit I don't understand the current sound situation at all.
    With this driver, we now have:
    * An OSS driver for the AP7000 Audio Bitstream DAC
    * A "regular" ALSA driver for the AC97C (not based on ASoC)
    * Two different "generic" AC97 layers: one in sound/pci/ac97 and one
    in sound/soc/ac97 (the AC97C driver uses the former)
    * An i2s driver for the AT73C213 chip using the SSC controller and SPI
    * Another SSC driver based on the ASoC layer
    * Some sort of "AT32 PCM" layer which apparently can only be used
    with the SSC controller
    * The above two being essentially identical to similar drivers for

    Can someone please help me out here? In particular, what is ASoC and
    why should I want to use it?


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