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    Subject[patch 00/18] PNP: convert resource options to unified dynamic list, v2
    This patch series converts the PNP resource option structures
    to a unified linked list. This preserves resource order, which
    is important for some devices. The bulk of the series is in
    the last patch, and it has more a more detailed changelog.

    Rene Herman did some testing of ISA devices and reviewed
    v1 of this series. I think I addressed all his comments.
    Any comments would be welcome.

    This depends on some patches that are in -mm, but not yet
    upstream. In mmotm, these would probably go after

    Note that I incorporated Rene's ioport.h comment fix
    (pnpacpi-fix-irq-flag-decoding-comment-fix.patch) into
    this series, so you should drop that if you pick up this

    Change between v1 and v2:
    - rewrote 8250_pnp modem identification (first patch in series)
    - used bitmap_copy() rather than explicit loop to copy IRQ bitmaps
    - added "(optional)" note in /sys/.../options for IORESOURCE_IRQ_OPTIONAL
    - split out ISAPNP ENDDEP bug fix into a separate patch
    - restored "clear auto resources" when auto-assignment fails
    - removed 0x100 from option priority
    - allocated 12 bits for dependent option priority, 16 bits for set number
    - restored check for invalid dependent function priority
    - fixed AD1815 quirk (set OPTIONAL flag in the correct "flags" field)
    - fixed ioport.h ISA PnP comment (replaces Rene's
    - rename "pnp_dependent_option()" to "pnp_new_dependent_set()"


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