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SubjectRe: linux-next: Tree for June 13: IO APIC breakage on HP nx6325
On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Matthew Garrett wrote:

> > Note that Matthew's made a point here, that apparently there are only two
> > models using this southbridge and new ones are unlikely to be released, so
> > my note is for a reference only.
> No, there's many other systems using the same southbridge that don't
> have the bizarre DSDT code and so don't show this behaviour.

I meant "... two models [of HP laptops] using this southbridge..." of
course. :)

Now I did a search of the Internet and have become puzzled. Apparently
there *are* other devices using this DSDT. See for example a thread at:
"" where an owner of an
HP Compaq 6715s has some other problems with a DSDT which coincidentally
is the very same HP/SB400/10000 (though built with a different ASL
compiler, hmm...).

Matthew, where did you get these DMI IDs from? -- I cannot see them being
reported in any bootstrap log.


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