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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/6] UML - Deal with host time going backwards
    On 3 Jun 2008, Daniel Hazelton said:

    > On Tuesday 03 June 2008 03:32:11 pm Andrew Morton wrote:
    >> On Tue, 3 Jun 2008 15:02:35 -0400
    >> Jeff Dike <> wrote:
    >> > Protection against the host's time going backwards - keep track of the
    >> > time at the last tick and if it's greater than the current time, keep
    >> > time stopped until the host catches up.
    >> Strange. What would cause the host's time (or at least UML's perception
    >> of it) to go backwards?
    > A wild guess would be that the UML process is running "fast" at some point and
    > its expectation of the host's time is skewed forward because of that.

    Quite so. Simply running ntp on the host (in slew-only mode, no less!)
    can cause this.

    > Another possibility is that the hosts clock got reset between the times UML
    > has checked it and the correction was a negative one.

    That too.

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