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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/13] EDAC i5100 new intel chipset driver
Date writes:
> 2) I have not yet tackled the de-interleaving of the
> rank/controller address space into the physical address
> space of the CPU. There is nothing fundamentally missing,
> it is just ending up to be a lot of code, and I'd rather
> keep it separate for now, esp since it doesn't work yet...
> 3) The code depends on a particular i5100 chip select
> to DIMM mainboard chip select mapping. This mapping
> seems obvious to me in order to support dual and single
> ranked memory, but it is not unique and DIMM labels
> could be wrong on other mainboards. There is no way
> to query this mapping that I know of.

Since there's a non negligible probability that the output
of this driver is completely misleading because of (2) and (3)
and probably (4) too [reporting the wrong DIMMs etc.]
would it be possible to add some flag to EDAC that
warns the user that the output is not fully reliable?

-Andi (who can just see people replacing the wrong DIMMs and
then blaming Linux)

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