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    SubjectRe: [RFC v1] Tunable sched_mc_power_savings=n
    KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:
    > Hi
    >>* Enterprise workloads on large hardware configurations may need
    >> aggressive consolidation strategy
    >>* Performance impact on server is different from desktop or laptops.
    >> Interactivity is less of a concern on large enterprise servers while
    >> workload response times and performance per watt is more significant
    >>* Aggressive power savings even with marginal performance penalty is
    >> is a useful tunable for servers since it may provide good
    >> performance-per-watt at low utilisation
    >>* This tunable can influence other parts of scheduler like wakeup
    >> biasing for overall task consolidation
    > I'd like to know how many saving power.
    > if there are only small saving, I think this is not interesting feature.
    > Do you expect how many percentage saving?

    An experiment using DVFS on Xeon yeilded a 15-watt allowable reduction
    even under running a considerable TPC-W workload. Lesser loads allowed
    a 40-watt (out of 160) reduction.

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