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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] IDE: Fix HDIO_DRIVE_RESET handling
    On Wednesday 25 June 2008, Elias Oltmanns wrote:
    > "Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz" <> wrote:
    > > On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 3:35 PM, Alan Cox <> wrote:
    > >>> > I don't see why you think it's "hard". We have timeout handlers for many
    > >
    > >>> > commands and those reset/abort just fine.
    > >>>
    > >>> They are different beasts from user-space initiated abort operation
    > >>
    > >> No they are not. They are the *same* thing in every respect.
    > >>
    > >> You have the drive in an unknown state, you want it back. If your drive
    > >> lost a command due to noise or a firmware flaw you have no idea about the
    > >> state it is actually in (supposed to be is irrelevant)
    > >
    > > I generally agree with you w.r.t. to drive side of the operations but
    > > the drive is only part of the equation (the host and the request states
    > > are the others) so 'supposed to be is' is quite relevant.
    > >
    > > Also abort request can happen i.e. while the command is being prepared
    > > & issued (it is done without ide_lock being taken and the timeout is not
    > > even armed yet) so there are additional issues to take care of.
    > Yes there are. Still, I think it should be feasible which is why I
    > personally would prefer to drop the second patch in the series for the
    > time being. But then I can keep it around for reference locally and the
    > original infrastructure can be found in the history after all.
    > Even though the patch series currently doesn't fully restore the
    > intended functionality, I'd like to merge it now. Command aborting

    Thanks, I applied everything and queued it for 2.6.27.

    [ including patch #2, we should re-add aborting when fixed/necessary ]

    > didn't work reliably (if at all) before and now, at least, a simple
    > ioctl won't harm a healthy system anymore. Since I think that we can add
    > command aborting back later, I'd like to keep the HDIO_DRIVE_RESET ioctl
    > even if it should currently be superfluous given SG_IO.

    SG_IO ATA pass-through is unsupported currently in drivers/ide/
    (though nowadays it should be quite easy to add it if somebody is
    interested) so it is indeed the best to leave the ioctl for now.


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