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    Subject/proc 2.6.24 changes for guest CPU accounting
    Hi Laurent,

    A note and patch from Samuel alerted me to your commits
    9ac52315d4cf5f561f36dabaf0720c00d3553162 and
    5e84cfde51cf303d368fcb48f22059f37b3872de, which in 2.6.24 changed /proc/stat
    and /proc/PID/stat. Would you please CC me on kernel-userspace interface
    changes, so that they have a chance of getting documented in man-pages.

    (I see that Andrew P tried to get something added to
    Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt, but that doesn't seem to have made it in.)

    Below is a patch against the proc.5 man page by Samuel and I to document these
    changes. Do the changes look okay to you? The first part is the change for
    /proc/<pid>/stat, and the other is for /proc/stat.



    --- proc.5 (revision 4046)
    +++ proc.5 (working copy)
    @@ -753,6 +753,13 @@
    \fIdelayacct_blkio_ticks\fP %llu (since Linux 2.6.18)
    Aggregated block I/O delays, measured in clock ticks (centiseconds).
    +\fIguest_time\fP %lu (since Linux 2.6.24)
    +Guest time of the process (time spent running a virtual CPU
    +for a guest operating system), in centiseconds.
    +\fIcguest_time\fP %ld (since Linux 2.6.24)
    +Guest time of the process's children, in centiseconds.
    .I /proc/[number]/statm
    @@ -1510,6 +1517,12 @@
    .I steal
    \- stolen time, which is the time spent in other operating systems when
    running in a virtualized environment
    +Since Linux 2.6.24, there is a ninth column,
    +.IR guest ,
    +which is the time spent running a virtual CPU for guest
    +operating systems under teh control of the Linux kernel.
    +.\" See Changelog entry for 5e84cfde51cf303d368fcb48f22059f37b3872de
    \fIpage 5741 1808\fP
    The number of pages the system paged in and the number that were paged

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