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    Subjectnanosleep() uses CLOCK_MONOTONIC, should be CLOCK_REALTIME?

    (I gues you are the right target for this?)

    The POSIX.1 specification of nanosleep() says:

    But, except for the case of being interrupted by a signal, the
    suspension time shall not be less than the time specified by
    rqtp, as measured by the system clock CLOCK_REALTIME.

    However, reading kernel/hrtimer.c:sys_nanosleep(), it appears that
    CLOCK_MONOTONIC is used.

    return hrtimer_nanosleep(&tu, rmtp, HRTIMER_MODE_REL, CLOCK_MONOTONIC);

    Is there a reason to use CLOCK_MONOTONIC, instead of CLOCK_REALTIME? Is it
    intentional? If yes, then I should document this in the man-pages. If not,
    then it should be fixed.



    Michael Kerrisk
    Linux man-pages maintainer;
    man-pages onlne:
    Found a bug?

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