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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: cleanup using max_low_pfn for 32 bit

    * Yinghai Lu <> wrote:

    > for max_low_pfn is not changed after it is set. so we can move that
    > early and out of initmem_init.
    > could call find_low_pfn_range just after max_pfn is set.
    > also could move reserve_initrd out of setup_bootmem_allocator
    > so 32bit is more like 64bit.

    applied, thanks Yinghai.

    i've picked up the following patches from you into a new
    tip/x86/setup-memory topic:

    Yinghai Lu (19):
    x86: check command line when CONFIG_X86_MPPARSE is not set, v2
    x86: clean up init_amd()
    x86: remove some acpi ifdefs in setup_32/64
    x86: seperate funcs from setup_64 to cpu common_64.c
    x86: change identify_cpu to static
    x86: add e820_remove_range
    x86: seperate probe_roms into another file
    x86: merge setup64.c into common_64.c
    x86: remove two duplicated funcs in setup_32.c
    x86: move reserve_standard_io_resource to setup.c
    x86: move elfcorehdr parsing to setup.c
    x86: introduce initmem_init for 64 bit
    x86: introduce initmem_init for 32 bit
    x86: introduce reserve_initrd
    x86: move boot_params declaring to setup.c
    x86: move find_max_low_pfn to init_32.c
    x86: move reservetop and vmalloc parsing to pgtable_32.c
    x86: clean up using max_low_pfn on 32-bit
    x86: clean up min_low_pfn

    very nice stuff - and it's working pretty well in my testing so far!


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