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    SubjectRe: Bisecting tip/auto-x86-next?
    On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 7:17 AM, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
    > * Kevin Winchester <> wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I am trying to track down a problem I reported here:
    > [ GART related bootup crash. ]

    It isn't actually a crash - X comes up fine, just without direct
    rendering (which really kills KDE4 performance).

    >> None or you were cc'd on the original report because I had no idea of
    >> the source of the issue. However, I have now narrowed down the
    >> problem to the auto-x86-next tree. Thus I did something like:
    >> $ git bisect start
    >> $ git bisect good linus/master
    >> $ git bisect bad tip/auto-x86-next
    > ok, in that case you can use tip's topical structure and probably bisect
    > purely x86/gart, which has all x86 gart changes.
    > I.e. do something like this:
    > git-checkout tip/x86/gart
    > build and boot that kernel, if it fails and mainline works then do:
    > git-bisect reset
    > git-bisect start
    > git-bisect good linus/master
    > git-bisect bad tip/x86/gart
    > this should drastically reduce the number of bisection steps needed, to
    > 3 or 4 iterations.

    Thanks - I'll give this a try tonight. As to your other emails:

    > hm, could you send me the config that triggered this?

    I will do so tonight when I am home again. It is a UP AMD64 box with
    a VIA chipset, if that helps.

    > btw., you can probably ignore this one safely. Also please tell me at
    > which commit ID you were at when you triggered this warning.

    Good to know - I will get the commit ID tonight as well, although
    wouldn't following the same bisection sequence that I did give you the
    same bisection point? I guess that would assume that linus/master and
    auto-x86-next haven't changed much since last night, which might not
    be correct.


    Kevin Winchester

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