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SubjectRe: [PATCH] - Fix stack overflow for large values of MAX_APICS

* Jack Steiner <> wrote:

> physid_mask_of_physid() causes a huge stack (12k) to be created if the
> number of APICS is large. Replace physid_mask_of_physid() with a new
> function that does not create large stacks. This is a problem only on
> large x86_64 systems.

ah, that indeed makes sense. Applied to tip/x86/uv - thanks Jack.

> Ingo - the "Increase MAX_APICS patch" can now works. Do you want me to
> resend???

no need, i have reactivated it in tip/x86/uv. (after your
physid_mask_of_physid() patch, so that it's still all bisectable)


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