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    SubjectRe: Bisecting tip/auto-x86-next?

    * Kevin Winchester <> wrote:

    > > hm, could you send me the config that triggered this?
    > I will do so tonight when I am home again. It is a UP AMD64 box with
    > a VIA chipset, if that helps.
    > > btw., you can probably ignore this one safely. Also please tell me
    > > at which commit ID you were at when you triggered this warning.
    > Good to know - I will get the commit ID tonight as well, although
    > wouldn't following the same bisection sequence that I did give you the
    > same bisection point? I guess that would assume that linus/master and
    > auto-x86-next haven't changed much since last night, which might not
    > be correct.

    yeah, you'd probably not hit that warning with the x86/gart bisection
    sequence. (Assuming the bug is introduced in that branch - so you should
    first check whether pure x86/gart kernel triggers the problem too.)

    If you still have the commit ID around then please send it - if you
    dont, no problem, it's no big issue. I wanted to check how wide the
    bisection window is where the warning triggers.


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