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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ata: ahci: power off unused ports
    Alan Cox wrote:
    >> If you are talking about SATA -- incorrect.
    >> The patch deals with policy, and the user MUST have the ability to
    >> control this stuff. Otherwise you create a situation where the user
    >> might be denied hotplug use in valid cases, or similar negative situations.
    > The policy isn't however complicated. Tejun added the stuff for forcing
    > cable type and mode on setup and has therefore written all the per device
    > setup code we might need. Alternatively a single
    > foo=1/0
    > option has been fine for acpi and will do fine for this. Total additional
    > cost - 1 line.

    The key requirement is per-port control. Ideally via hdparm or another
    userspace tool, but kernel command line (module options) or sysfs would
    be just fine too. And agreed, the minimal you need is simply 1/0 for
    the port's policy.


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