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SubjectRe: [PATCH] softlockup: fix NMI hangs due to lock race - 2.6.26-rc regression

* Jason Wessel <> wrote:

> The touch_nmi_watchdog() routine on x86 ultimately calls
> touch_softlockup_watchdog(). The problem is that to touch the
> softlockup watchdog, the cpu_clock code has to be called which could
> involve multiple cpu locks and can lead to a hard hang if one of the
> locks is held by a processor that is not going to return anytime soon
> (such as could be the case with kgdb or perhaps even with some other
> kind of exception).
> This patch causes the public version of the
> touch_softlockup_watchdog() to defer the cpu clock access to a later
> point.

applied to tip/core/softlockup and cherry-picked it into tip/core/urgent
as well for v2.6.26 merge. Thanks,


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