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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] mmc: at91_mci: rework to allow better transfer
Pierre Ossman :
> On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 11:54:41 +0200
> Nicolas Ferre <> wrote:
>> Russell King highlights that patch #4 is not well inserted in the series
>> : it have to be after #5 (after correcting bytes_xfered update).
>> If you want I can reorder them... or you manage to do it.
>> I will take into account Marc's comment and new Ville patch series in
>> another round ;-)
> Will you redo this series, or are you planning further patches? (i.e.
> should I merge this set or wait for an update?)

You can merge this patch series (7 patches)

You can also merge
"at91_mci: manage cmd error and data error independently" (1 patch)

And 3 patches from Ville Syrjälä that I have just signed:
"at91_mci: AT91SAM9260/9263 12 byte write erratum (v2)"
"at91_mci: Cover more AT91RM9200 and AT91SAM9261 errata."
"at91_mci: Fix byte mode transitions."

=> 11 patches.

Thanks a lot, regards,
Nicolas Ferre

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