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SubjectRe: AZFS file system proposal
I have updated my patch and will post it here in a few minutes.
Thank you very much Dmitri, all your comments are useful.

> > +static unsigned long
> > +azfs_recherche(struct inode *inode, enum azfs_direction direction,
> At the risk of being damned by the entire francophone world, I'd still
> suggest using an English keyword for the function name here.


> > +static struct inode*
> > +azfs_new_inode(struct super_block *, struct inode *, int, dev_t);
> Would it not be better to place this function prototype along with the
> bunch of macro definitions you have above into a private header?

I have a pretty few such definitions and would like to avoid adding to kernel an unnecessary .h file with just a couple of lines.

> > + if (rc == 0)
> Maybe "if (!rc)" ?

Not critical, but fixed.

> > + void *ziel;
> void *target?


> > + void *quell;
> void *source?


> > + struct azfs_block *block, *ding, *knoten, *west, *east;
> The risk of me getting damned increases with that, but maybe it would be
> better to use an English keyword for "knoten"?


> > + struct azfs_super *super, *SUPER;
> I think that yelling in deep desperation like that is not quite in
> agreement with the kernel coding style.


> An unprecedented lack of comments in this driver can hardly boost the
> reader's attention. Besides, I personally think that a kind of a design
> document could be extremely useful - basically, explain the purpose of
> the filesystem, the basic idead behind it, etc.

I have added Documentation/filesystems/azfs.txt file with a short description of what AZFS is.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / met vriendelijke groeten / avec regards

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